Local Rules

A Pony Member may apply for Associate Membership from the beginning of the calendar year in which the age of 12 is reached.

All subscriptions and registrations must be paid before competing.


Nursery Stakes, open to children aged 10 years and under in the year of the show.

Novice classes are open to children aged 12 years and under in the year of the show and ponies with 0-15 points.

Open competitions are for children aged 12 years and under in the year of the show.


JDA is a 2 round competition consisting of 8 individual fences, with placings being decided by total points scored plus time taken in the second round. Points are awarded in an ascending manner for jumping fences clear in the first round and deducted in and a descending manner for knock downs in the second round.


When first registering a horse or pony a number will be issued in plastic form. No competitor will be allowed to compete without displaying the correct number. This number must be returned to the Registration Secretary when a horse or pony ceases to be registered or changes ownership. £3 will be charged for a replacement number.

GRADINGS:  From 1st June 2014 will be as per BS rule book

Points which will count for grading will be awarded as per BS rule book

Points are not awarded for Trailblazers and Heights Jumping nor for ‘Fun Classes’ e.g. Ride and Run, Baton Relay.

Optimum Time

In certain unaffiliated classes placings are awarded according to the time of the competitor nearest to an Optimum Time. The Optimum Time is based on the measured distance of the course being ridden at an even pace. The time can be either faster or slower than the Optimum Time, which is not disclosed until the results are announced.

Prize money for sponsored classes will continue to be awarded as previously, but will not count for grading purposes.


Amend Rules 73, 74 and 75 to read “Except for BSJA (UK) Qualifiers, all Affiliation Fees and Schedules etc will be sent to BSJA Jersey Branch”

Amend Rule 78: delete “15 miles radius of the show “, substitute “The Channel Islands”


The value of the first cash prize in any BSJA or BSJA Jersey affiliated competition may be set at a value less than the amount stipulated in Rule 76.3

Amend Rule 72.2 to read: Members of BSJA Jersey are permitted to compete as owner, rider and/or to officiate in any capacity at unaffiliated shows held in the Channel Islands where the prize money exceeds £10.00


Any local member who competes at a BSJA Jersey event is obliged to be prepared to help in some way with that or, if all jobs are filled, some future event. Help can be offered either in person or by naming a valid helper.

For each event that a member competes in, it is a condition of entry, including late entries, that both a helper and a time and day for helping are included on the entry form. The event organisers reserve the right to return or refuse any entries that do not meet with these requirements.


A Channel Island registered horse or pony will qualify for a Show Jumper of the Year class by jumping a double clear round in at least two competitions held under BSJA Rules in Jersey, Guernsey or the UK. Horses and ponies must be registered in the Channel Islands at the time the clear rounds are jumped and riders may be asked to provide evidence of clear rounds jumped outside Jersey.

Qualifying horses and ponies which upgrade will jump in the grade in which their last double clear round was achieved.


All horses and ponies being imported to the Island of Jersey will carry their BS UK and BS Guernsey current winnings when registering for grading.

Members are expected to make every effort to establish any previous winnings and must provide the name and full address of the previous owner.


Should members wish to compete in the UK,  Channel Island points must be declared on the BS UK horse or pony registration form in the section ‘winnings abroad’.


Inter-Insular Team Jumping will be held under BSJA Rule 281 with the exception of Rule 281/7.

This will read: In a team of 4 riders, if 1 member is eliminated then that score is discounted. If a second member is eliminated then that rider is awarded 20 faults plus the faults of the worst horse in any team.

Parish Team Jumping will be held under BSJA Rule 281 with Teams being arranged as follows:

Seniors:     4 Registered Horses per Team . . . . . . any Grade

Ponies:      4 Registered Ponies per Team . . . . . .  any Grade

Horses and ponies must be ridden by members of BSJA Jersey.

A Pony Associate may compete on a horse in a Senior Team. No rider may ride more than one horse or pony. Each Parish may enter only one team.

The Owner of the horse or pony must reside in the Parish for which the horse or pony competes. Maximum Height of jumps in the first round will not exceed those below:

Horses   . . 1.00m  ;  148cm Ponies . .   0.90m ; 128cm Ponies . . . . . .  0.80m


Rules 111 and 112 will only apply to competitions affiliated to mainland BSJA.


Hors Concours

(BSJA Rule)

Where a horse has faults during its competitive round, the rider may choose to jump hors concours (i.e. non-competitively) and may do so either immediately after the round or at the end of the first round. An additional entry fee charge applies.

The Judge’s permission is required before proceeding to jump hors concours.

A horse/pony taking part in a competition hors concours is not to participate in any jump off other than the jump off section of a competition under Table A6 or Two Phase. It cannot be placed nor win prize money.

The horse which has jumped hors concours will remain hors concours in that ring for the rest of the day.

Non-Placing Entries

(BSJA Jersey Local Rule)

A Non-Placing Entry allows for competitors to enter horses or ponies in classes lower than the grade of the horse and be eligible to take part in the jump-off. Competitors will not be placed nor awarded points or prize monies in respect of these entries.

Subsequent competitive entries for the horse/pony are allowed on that day.

Trailblazers and Heights Jumping

(BSJA Jersey Local Rule)

In the case of elimination, a competitor may opt to restart the course without leaving the arena. This will incur an additional entry fee but will not be judged as having jumped hors concours.

Other competitors with faults may ask the Judge (via the Collecting ring Steward) to jump again at the end of the class. This will also incur an additional entry fee and the horse will not be judged as having jumped hors concours.

Non-Placing entries do not apply to these classes.

Sponsored show jumps bearing the Sponsor’s name or logo may be used at any BSJA Jersey events at the discretion of the Course Designer and will be used a minimum of twice a year.

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