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All BSJA Memberships are due by 28th February and must be received at least THREE days before any event in which you intend to compete.In order to comply with our insurance requirements anyone taking part in any BSJA event or training must be a paid-up member.

The Registrations Secretary reserves the right to refuse any memberships that do not arrive in adequate time.

Please note that as of 01/04/12, British Showjumping in the UK require all horses and ponies to be micro-chipped. This does not apply to showjumping in either Jersey or Guernsey, however if you with to jump in the UK please with with BSUK accordingly.

The different categories of membership are as follows:


This is for any competitive member from the calendar year of their 17th birthday and over, i.e., for 2023 it would be anyone born in or before 2006. Senior members can take part in any BSJA event.


For any competitive child, up to the age of 16, i.e., for 2023 it would be for any born in or after 2007. Junior members can take part in any BSJA event but only ride ponies up 148cms.

Junior membership also includes one parent or legal guardian as a member.


For Junior riders up to the age of 16 on horses over 148cms. A Junior may become an Associate member from the calendar year of their 13th birthday, i.e., for 2023 it would be born in or before 2010. Junior associate members may take part in any BSJA event, in Junior classes on a pony under 148cms or in Senior classes on a horse.


Supporter members can attend training events, hire the facilities compete in all non-jumping classes. Ideal for competitors wishing to compete in showing classes only and family and friends of competitive members to support the club.


Senior, Junior, Associate & Supporter members can join the Academy which provides regular training programmes for all at a discounted price. Please contact Kate Randfield for details of all academy benefits.


Available from 1st October – 28th February for anyone wanting to compete in just the unaffiliated winter events.


Available for some of the unaffiliated classes at the shows which are open to non-members and the unaffiliated winter jumping but applies to one day only at a time.


For visiting members who are registered with their local BS club and applicable for the duration of the show which they are attending here.


All horses & ponies competing at the shows (April – September) need to be registered. Full details & copy of passport are required when registered for the first time but not necessary for subsequent years. Registration is not necessary for winter events.

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